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Specialised Plasterwork

There is an immense amount of ornate plasterwork in Great Britain in many different styles. Over the years much has become damaged or destroyed. The means of restoring and conserving ornate plasterwork has changed over the centuries.

Repairing existing plasterwork

Stage 1

While it is important to maintain as much as possible of the original plasterwork it may be necessary to restore or replace missing or damaged sections. To carry out this work requires considerable experience.

custom made plaster mouldings

Stage 2

Our modeller is able to take mouldings from existing designs, if symmetrical or modelling can be executed from a photograph or drawing. Pieces of damaged plasterwork can be cleaned or left, a model laid down and a mould made in varying types of compounds, from this mould a section of plasterwork can be reproduced and installed.

cast plaster replacement cornice

Stage 3

A cast is then produced which can then be installed to match the original. Our work is not limited to cornices, we can reproduce decorative ceilings and walls.

on site fitting and repair service

Stage 4

We are also able to manufacture arches and columns to your specification. We will provide an estimate of the cost and the time involved to carry out the work.