Materials used in the manufacture of our products

Plaster of Paris

Also known as Gypsum Plaster, Plaster of Paris is a fast setting produced by heating gypsum and water. When the dry powder is mixed with water it re-forms into gypsum. It is capable of producing a smooth finish and can be moulded into intricate shapes.


Fiberglass (also know as Glass Reinforced Plastic) uses fine glass fibres to reinforce a plastic matrix. It is lightweight, very strong and thoroughly robust. While not quite as strong or stiff as carbon fibre it is far less brittle and costs a lot less to produce.

Sand and Cement

Cement Plaster is a mixture of plaster, sand, cement and water. It is applied to building interiors and exteriors to provide a smooth surface.


Jesmonite consists of a gypsum based material bonded with an acrylic resin. It can be used for casting, laminating and as a base for sculting and painting. It is often preferred to polyester and fiberglass as a more attractive alternative while still being lightweight and durable enough for architectural plasterwork.